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About Us

I have always felt that my connection to skincare felt like a sterile routine.  The multi-step process to look younger, brighter, healthier, wasn’t for my leisure, but what seemed necessary.  Through my path of self-discovery, I realized I was doing it all wrong.  Taking care of yourself shouldn’t be a struggling routine, it should be a celebrating ritual.  

As a global makeup artist, skin quickly became my main priority. It starts with the blank canvas. You can't fake healthy, nourished skin, by covering it with. Through years of hands on learning and studying herbalism,  I felt it was time to transcend my knowledge of healing on to the world and that is how SKINNED was created.  

Rather than being a brand, we want to create a lifestyle through honest products. We promote radical transparency, meaning that you have a right to know what you are putting on your skin, how it is made, and where it comes from.  With conscious sustainability and a love for animals being at the core of our foundation, we are devoted to changing the fundamental principles of the beauty industry by creating clean, sustainable products while fighting the ideology of the need to test on animals.

Beauty comes in layers and it starts with how we care for our planet.  

Chelsea Gehr / Founder